Economic and Industrial Development: Steps to Prosperity in Nebraska

Date: September 22-25, 2023
Address: 136 Bungalow Road, Steinauer, Nebraska

Welcome to the Nebraska Economic and Industrial Development Conference! This conference brings together leading experts, entrepreneurs, investors, and government agencies to discuss ideas, strategies, and programs that help Nebraska’s economy thrive and grow.

Over the course of three days, we will explore a variety of aspects of economic and industrial development in the state. We will present relevant research, cutting-edge innovations and successful practices that can inspire and drive business development, investment and job creation.

Conference attendees will have the opportunity to participate in panel discussions, sessions, presentations, and networking events where they can share experiences and ideas, make new connections, and forge partnerships for future collaborations.

We will address issues such as economic development strategies, investment attraction, SME development, infrastructure and logistics development, sustainable resource utilization, and cross-border cooperation and export opportunities.

Join us at this important conference to explore new opportunities, strategize, and be inspired by Nebraska’s economic and industrial development successes. Your contributions will help create a sustainable and prosperous economic environment in our state.

The Nebraska Economic and Industrial Development Conference will address the following topics:

  1. What policies and programs can be used to attract investment to Nebraska and stimulate economic growth?
  2. What are the major challenges and opportunities for small and medium-sized businesses in Nebraska, and what measures can be taken to support them?
  3. What infrastructure and logistics projects are needed to improve the business environment and attract new investment?
  4. What is the role of renewable energy and energy efficiency in Nebraska’s economic development, and what programs and initiatives can be implemented in this area?
  5. What is the potential for cross-border cooperation to grow Nebraska’s economy, and what opportunities exist to export products and services to international markets?
  6. What agricultural and agribusiness support measures and programs can be implemented to increase the efficiency and diversity of agricultural production in Nebraska?
  7. What innovations and technologies can be applied across Nebraska’s diverse industries to improve competitiveness and sustainability?
  8. What opportunities exist to foster economic collaboration between the public and private sectors to promote growth and development of Nebraska’s economy?
  9. What steps can be taken to ensure sustainable use of natural resources and reduce negative environmental impacts in Nebraska’s economic development?
  10. What is the role of education and workforce development in supporting Nebraska’s economic and industrial development, and what programs and resources are available to train and develop entrepreneurs and professionals in the state?

You’ll be interested

The Conference on Economic and Industrial Development of Nebraska is a significant event for the business community and economic experts who are interested in the development of this American state. The conference provides a platform to discuss and analyze issues related to economic growth, investment and industrial development in Nebraska.